Release generational trauma. Release what does not serve you.

Thick like a cloudy day, impairing vision

Squinting. Who do I blame?

Me, you?

White cultural norms whispering “ignore that elephant in the room”


Mental Illness?


Truths Unspoken

I see the elephant, I point.

Do you see? Scared, we don’t talk.

Truths Unspoken piling from generation to generation

passed in both subtle and glaring ways, growing heavier and heavier

Push and pull of vulnerability

Draw near then retreat

Clouded by Truths Unspoken

Laughter, care, joy

Conditions. If you….Then I…kind of love.

Conditions keeping me second guessing my intuition, rubbing eyes to see if I truly see that elephant

Trauma wrapped in care. And conditions.

With whom do I have truths untold?

Perpetuating this cloudy, foggy, swirl

Walls preventing being seen, hurt, acknowledged and free

Begin within.

Knock down walls.

Clear the cloud of Truths Unspoken.



Shar Hollingsworth

I am a healer and I am healing. I am a teacher and I am a learner. Curious about everything around me.